Centre for Stratification Research – University of Copenhagen

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Centre for Stratification Research unifies research in social stratification and inequality in Denmark. The Centre cuts across all Danish environments for research in wide societal stratification processes, and covers topics as diverse as;

  • social stratification
  • social and economic mobility
  • intergenerational relations
  • social and cultural reproduction
  • segregation and neighbourhood context
  • the strategies of elites
  • inequality of educational opportunity
  • processes of social differentiation

The purpose of the Centre is to assist the development of research networks across universities and research institutions, facilitating;

  • various thematic approaches to stratification research,
  • proposals for concrete research projects,
  • Ph.D. courses and workshops, and
  • dissemination of research findings and developments to actors outside academic circles.

The Centre takes a broad approach to the study of social stratification, covering theoretical, methodological, and empirical approaches, and encourages the use and integration of qualitative and quantitative methods.

What is Social Stratification? A Definition
Social stratification refers to the division of individuals or actors into social positions characterized by unequal access to scarce resources, including economic, social, or cultural goods and other forms of resources and competences. Moreover, the social positions differ according to their ways of life, including cultural and political preferences, norms, values, attitudes, etc.